Aziz is always direct, honest, and gives you the information you need to know. He is diligent and efficient with his time. Gets you in, and gets you out. Staff is also warm and friendly.

Daniel M.

Dr Aziz is amazing, i trust his knowledge and is always upfront and honest. The staff is also amazing very helpful .

Christopher H.

Dr. Aziz is an excellent physician, a trusted health advisor and a compassionate person!

Thomas S.

Dr. Aziz and his associates are great. I never feel rushed. They always listen to my concerns and take their time thoroughly evaluating my situations. He is respectful of his patients privacy. He’s also very knowledgeable. I left my visit well informed and was satisfied with the outcome of my visit as well. I would definitely recommend him.

Frances S.

Very professional and efficient. Dr Aziz is great

Michael A.

My health improved dramatically!!! When I visited the first time I was overweight, tired, I was experiencing bad mood and depression. I was feeling like 20 years older. Dr. Aziz advised me on life style changes that are easy and gradual. The Dr. performs many tests at his office and that is very convenient. After testing me he prescribed me medicines that changed my life in a very positive way. I lost about 80 pounds in less than 6 months. I have a lot more energy, passion in life and better mood. I feel my age again! Dr. Aziz monitors my health and encourage me to continue improving on my lifestyle. The office personnel is very efficient and friendly. The Dr. is very friendly himself and the waiting time at the office is pretty short even when is busy (about 15 minutes average) . It is very easy to get appointments. I am really happy with my choice to consult and being treated by Dr. Aziz.

Hector L.

Always a pleasure. Fast in and out.

Michael C.

Very friendly and efficient. Doc was brilliant. I have great confidence after just my 1st visit.

Trent G.

You have to love Dr. Aziz. He comes highly recommended by my Chiropractor, Dr. Stein from Murray Hill Chiropractic. I’ve seen Dr. Aziz for several years now, and I’ve never hesitated to follow his advice and guidance. Dr. Aziz takes care of ME. He listens with compassion. He is very knowledgeable and kind. Recently. He shared the happiness of one of my personal accomplishments. Wish I could give 10 stars!! Love him!!!

Anastasia K.

Dr. Aziz I really appreciate the professionalism with which you treated my wife Maria Rossi and me when we first meet. There are no words that could really describe my gratitude towards you because you really change my wife’s life and save her from more terrible health complications. Thank you Dr Aziz, your treatment is remarkable accurate, God bless. I would say without any doubt to any one that Dr. Aziz the best to help people loose eight.

Julio T.

My experience with Dr Aziz was and is great, his dedication and care with all patients is very commendable. He took care of me and literally save my life with his treatment to lose weight. I had heart problems, high bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. His advice was accurate and honest at all times. I lost around 25 pounds the first month or so and keep on losing more with his marvelous treatment. The diet he asked me to follow is very healthy and what is most important is that I do not have to starv. I only have words of gratitude towards Dr. Aziz he change my life completely, now I feel more energetic, no more depression, and my self stem went up. I thank you Dr Aziz a million times, Godbless you and please keep the good job changing people’s life’s because we need you.

Maria R.

Dr. Aziz has been my doctor for a number of years. He is an excellent doctor who provides quality care. Dr. Aziz and takes the time to answer any questions that I may have. He is always punctual with my appointments. My health and well being is his number one concern. The staff is wonderful. Last year I had to have a second blood test prior to surgery Amy stayed late so this could be accomplished.

Joseph C.

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