Have you gone to your annual OBGYN check-up recently? It is recommended that women visit once a year to maintain and improve their body health. These women’s health exams in NYC allow physicians to determine risk factors for various conditions, issues, and diseases ahead of time. What are you waiting for? Come by Maziz MD and get your women’s health exam in NYC with Dr. Michael Aziz, a top-ranked physician!

What to Expect During a Women’s Health Exam in NYC

Year after year, hundreds and thousands of women are diagnosed with serious health issues, conditions, and diseases. This mostly happens due to a lack of preventative actions and not taking part in annual exams. Most choose to ignore their health due to family responsibilities, inadequate knowledge, and simply a lack of resources. After recent studies, the Center for Disease Control & Prevention concluded:

  • 13% of women 18 and over are in poor health 
  • 33% of women are diagnosed with hypertension
  • 40% of women over 20 are obese

These numbers have been growing at an alarming rate and most issues could be prevented by early detection and regular screenings. Maintaining women’s health is often more complex than for a man. Here is a checklist to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to schedule a primary care screening once a year 
  • Pap Test/ Pelvic Exam
  • Clinical Breast Exam 
  • STI Screening 
  • Family Planning 
  • Blood Pressure Screening

Regular checkups can help discover medical problems before they become threatening to the body. E. Early recognition gives you the most obvious opportunity for getting the correct treatment rapidly, keeping away from any complexities. By getting the right wellbeing administrations, screenings, and treatment you are stepping toward living a more drawn out, better life. 

The Advantages of Regular Checkups:

  • Lessen the danger of becoming severely ill 
  • Recognize and catch illness or disease early on 
  • Increase chances of treatments and/or cures
  • Increase life expectancy and improve wellbeing 

Women’s Health Exam in NYC

At Maziz MD, we are here to provide a comprehensive and elaborate care plan for our patients, We evaluate based on personal medical history, family medical history, habits, and lifestyle factors. We offer and conduct various screenings such as basic blood panel, breast cancer screening, pelvic screening, pap smear, and HPV testing, and so forth. Come in today to our warm, loving, and knowledgeable staff and get the best women’s health exam in NYC. Dr. Michael Aziz here to provide the best care and plan for your body. Contact us today!