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Staying Groomed: A Constant Battle

Having a perfectly groomed body is standard in the beauty industry—and in America, that means not having too much body hair. This has led to many men and women spending much of their time—and money—trying to reduce the amount of body hair they have.

Many careers—such as swimming, bodybuilding, and the fashion industry—also necessitate a more groomed appearance. Reducing body hair is also an excellent way to stay clean and maintain proper hygiene. Bacteria often clings to hair, causing problems such as body odor.

So what’s the solution to rapid hair growth?


Even with regular shaving, which can be time-consuming, it’s not possible to effectively remove body hair and achieve long-term results. Shaving is also ineffective in helping people achieve smooth skin. Razor burn is also a common and uncomfortable side-effect of a close shave, which sometimes causes the skin to get inflamed.

Cream hair removers and waxing

Another solution is that is commonly used is cream hair removers and waxing. Cream hair removers have chemicals that attack hair proteins, causing the hair to fall out. And while it’s an easy option, regular application of these chemicals can cause dermal issues. The results also last only for a few weeks, and the new hair is often darker and coarser.

Similarly, with waxing, the results only last for a few weeks, and it is also quite tricky to shave hard-to-reach spots without assistance.

Long-Term Laser Hair Removal

Dr. M Aziz offers revolutionary laser hair removal technology for an easy and long-lasting solution for unwanted body hair. Using laser light energy, he kills the roots deep within the hair shafts to reduce hair growth. With recent technological upgrades, laser hair removal requires less time and fewer treatments for better results. The best part is that there is little to no discomfort.

Other benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Safe and effective hair removal
  • Effective for both removing and thinning hair
  • Perfect for any part of the body, including the back, chest, stomach, shoulder, legs, and genitals
  • Permanent results in most cases requiring just occasional touchups
  • Best results for people with lighter skin and darker hair
  • Controlled hair removal for precision grooming and shaping
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin with almost zero percent risk of skin irritation and inflammation
  • Removes and prevents painful ingrown hair

Effective Hair Removal with Dr. M Aziz

Dr. M Aziz’s effective hair removal has received high praise for its safety and effectiveness. Each treatment session is under 30 minutes, which can be easily fit into most busy schedules. The process removes hair permanently and slows down future hair growth significantly. The skin regains its natural color shortly after the hair removal session with zero downtime.

Dr. M Aziz and his staff provide a warm and comfortable environment to make you feel at ease during the hair removal treatment. Each client is provided with an initial consultation session to determine how many treatment sessions will be required to achieve the best possible results.

Get in touch with Dr. M Aziz’s clinic today to set up your consultation and learn more about our hair removal services!

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