Executive Physical

Executive physicals are an efficient healthcare solution for any person who’s seeking advanced testing and diagnosis for specific symptoms or to guarantee their overall health.


A Deeper Look At Executive Physicals


Expert medical practitioners such as Dr. Michael Aziz have designed comprehensive executive physicals that go well beyond standard annual physical evaluations.


The executive physical program begins with an in-depth assessment of the individual’s health, which usually includes:

  • Complete lab analysis
  • Evaluating past health
  • Assessing family health history
  • Specialty consultations
  • Specialized imaging


This allows the health practitioner to identify any health risks and gives them an accurate picture of the current health status of the patient.


The patient is then supplied with a plan to ensure optimal health and performance.

Healthcare Redefined!

So why should you choose an executive physical over a standard annual physical?


The answer lies in the level of service and advanced healthcare offered by executive physicals.


Most people lead busy lives, with little time for regular doctor checkups. Executive physicals pair cutting-edge testing with the efficiency and convenience of same-day results and assessment.


Providing complete healthcare testing services in a single, seamless day of diagnosing and testing makes executive physicals worth the cost.


The Components of an Executive Physical with Dr. M Aziz

Dr. M Aziz’s clinic offers the services of a team of highly skilled nurses and physicians who work together to provide a leading healthcare experience.


The assessment and evaluations take place in a single day at our facility in Manhattan and are overseen by Dr. Aziz himself.


Our executive physical focuses on all aspects of your health, including the body and mind. The components of the physical include:

  • Advanced laboratory analysis with same-day results
  • Eye exam, hearing screening, pulmonary function testing, and cardiovascular assessment
  • Osteoporosis testing and bone density evaluation
  • Specific evaluation for women’s health, including mammograms, pap smears, and cervical screenings
  • Prostate exams, testicular assessments, and evaluation of other men’s health concerns
  • Assessment of emotional health and cognitive function
  • Immunization updates
  • Specialty consultation with Dr. M Aziz
  • Personalized healthcare plan, including diet and nutritional counseling
  • Comprehensive written evaluation for your medical records




Dr. Michael Aziz offers a comprehensive health assessment to identify existing health concerns and to prevent health issues in the future.


With advanced screening, he identifies any potential risks and creates personalized health plans to reduce those risks.


The detailed consultation session provides you with the opportunity to address all your health concerns and get answers to any medical questions you might have regarding your current health status.


His clinic has a well-appointed medical suite for executive physicals with a soothing environment where his patients can relax and feel comfortable discussing their medical issues.


Make an appointment with our team today for the ultimate personalized health consultation that will assuage any concern you might have.

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